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About Us

The Tiaras and Brides Experience

We believe that every bride should feel beautiful and special – and to feel that magic for years to come.

To help you create loving memories that will last a lifetime, we have sourced and produced a range of bridal and attendants gowns, bridal veils, accessories and tiaras for every style – elegant, classic, bohemian, beach inspired or modern – so you can create the exact look you have dreamed about. We also create couture, made to measure gowns in Brisbane.

Importantly, we ensure our products are sourced from quality suppliers with high ethical standards and they delivered to you to your door with love from the team at Tiaras and Brides.

We are constantly looking at how we can improve your online shopping experience and we welcome your feedback, requests and other ideas.

Tiaras and Brides Founder, Penelope Hall

Penelope’s story began in Brisbane in the 1990s as she carved out her niche as a high-end boutique dress designer, creating bespoke pieces that would often find their way onto the society pages.

She also took her passion for fashion to the corporate sector where she worked with large organisations to create corporate wear that not only captured the company brand, but had to look good and fit well on staff of all shapes and sizes.

In 2010, she created a beautiful one-off gown with matching accessories for her daughter’s wedding and quickly earned the nickname ‘wedding whisperer’. The requests came in thick and fast. However, it wasn’t until Penelope attended Fashion Week in New York during the fall of 2013 that her Tiaras and Brides dream began to crystallise.

Penelope-hall-Tiaras and Brides Founder
Copyright © Tiaras and Brides 2016